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Introduction approximately diverse patterns of incense and the way to use them. here you learn about VARIETIES of incense.

Directly Lighting Incense

This kind of incense could be very smooth and sensible to apply. Various shapes of incense and fragrances are to be had.

Stick Incense

This is the maximum famous form of incense. Various fragrances and lengths are to be had for scenting a big room or for spiritual use. Burning instances are proportional to paste lengths.

It is possible to modify the burning time of an incense stick with the aid of using reducing it. Because stick incense has uniform thickness, it perfume is launched lightly and gradually.

Coil Incense

The precise man or woman of this kind of incense is its lengthy burning time. Coil incense is suitable for scenting a big area, including a motel lobby, or a area with plenty of passages.

Cone Incense

Light the pinnacle factor of the cone. Unlike stick incense, perfume from incense cones grows more potent because the lit component descends into the broader a part of the cone. This incense kind is appropriate for scenting a room in a brief time.

Heating Incense

The leisure of heated incense calls for a piece extra time for the preparation. However, the fine of the incense insures that it will likely be a chilled time.

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Aromatic Wood

There are methods of appreciating the fragrances of fragrant woods. One is called “Mon-koh,” a manner to understand the state-of-the-art perfume of a tiny piece of fragrant timber.

The different manner is “Soradaki,” for perfuming a room. Aromatic timber fragrances create a pleasing ecosystem for unique occasions.

Kneaded Incense

Traditionally used for the Japanese Tea Ceremony, this historical shape of incense is combined, kneaded, and left to mature in earthenware jars for 3 to 5 years.

Kneaded Incense is characterized with the aid of using a sweet, creamy scent, it isn’t ignited with the aid of using flame – rather, it’s far heated the use of charcoal or with a timber chip heater.

In-koh (Pressed Incense)

In-koh, or “Pressed Incense,” is fashioned with the aid of using filling fancifully formed molds with a combined incense recipe. Shapes can encompass plum flowers, the moon, and extra.

This fashion of incense releases its perfume whilst heated with charcoal.

Enjoyment of incense without burning or heating

This kind of incense releases a perfume in its natural, unheated state. It is made to revel in as a room decoration, or possibly to customize your image.


Sachet is made of powdered or granulated incense in a fabric pouch. It is combined from clove, borneo camphor, sandalwood, and different spices. Sachet now no longer handiest scents apparel, however it additionally facilitates to defend apparel from insects.

Other methods to apply sachet encompass: in drawers, in a pocket, in an automobile, and extra. The mild, diffused perfume is notably distinctive than perfumes.

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